Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Bababadoo, my name is Mr. Joe wadadidopdopdoo. I'm a Labrador Retriever that lives at Camp Lake Stephens. Uh, bababadoo, I sure do like it here. I get to run and play and... to be honest with you I don't like either of those things. Really I'd be happy if I could just stay inside all of the time. Bababadoo, in fact, that IS pretty much all I do. I'm 12 years old which means that, bababadoo, I'm wise. There is one of those young ones around here. His name is Wendell. Bababadoo, he's a nice young chap but sometimes he needs to settle down. I also hang out with a gal named Dezi, she is pretty but her speech is questionable. Bababadoo, she can't even pronounce her "r's". Life is pretty good here and so I thought I should share it with you and that's what this is for. Bababadoo, I'll keep you updated.

Until next time, babababye.

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